This Game is developed by small team of working industry professionals from all over North America who banded together to make awesome games. We’ve combined our experience and passion to recreate the retro-gameplay feel with modern design philosophies.

We hope you enjoy our game as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it!



Erica R. Herrera – Game Designer/Project Lead: Erica R. Herrera is a Game Designer/Writer/Musician currently living in Newfoundland. Aspiring to be a game developer since the age of four, Alex has been living out that dream at companies such as Vivendi Universal Games, Harmonix Music Systems and Other Ocean Interactive. His obsessions include Dragons, Jackie Chan and hustling people in Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

Jason Dwyer – Programmer: Jason Dwyer is a Video Game Programmer/Poet/Giant who currently resides in your crawlspace. Jim has BSc’s in both Computer Science and Electrical Engineering and an MSc in Games Programming, which just proves he’s a stubborn nerd. He enjoys chaos, Cthulhu and conversations with strangers.

Roy Bloss – Audio: Roy Bloss is an audio nerd of every flavour in the rainbow (the Skittles one). He has done sound design and music for games and film, recorded and mixed bands, and coded with various audio middleware. More than anything, he wants Wolverine claws surgically implanted in his forearms.

Deneen Terrell– Marketing/Quality Assurance: Deneen Terrell works at the trading desk of a certain financial institution that will remain anonymous. His interests include reading, gaming and running the stops of retail investors. His favorite quote is “don’t believe everything you read on the internet.”