Best All-Time Favorite Point and Click Adventure Games for PC

Point-and-click adventures were the original computer games. Long before you had first-person shooters dominating an unknown marketplace, slow-moving and story-filled games where you chose your adventure by pointing and clicking around the screen were all the rage. The best ones of all time are based on popularity and ratings, but anyone that had something like a Gateway 2000 or remembers Windows 3.1 is sure to have their own favorites.


You can’t have any point-and-click list without mentioning the Monkey Island franchise. People loved Monkey Island and were happy to see it continue for years. Clicking through the adventure to discover new things was everybody’s favorite thing. Starting with The Secret of Monkey Island, then Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge, and all the way to The Curse of Monkey Island. The games kept getting made and people kept getting more and more excited about it.

Next up, and usually at the top of any list, is Day of the Tentacle. This was one of the first adventures into PC gaming by the multi-billion dollar company LucasArts, created by founder George Lucas of Star Wars fame. This game provided hilarious and outrageous cartoon work with an even sillier plot line. Thought to be the most popular point-and-click adventure game out there, it’s still available for download on sites like Steam, even though it came out over 25 years ago.

If you are one of the people who hear Indiana Jones and only think of the three great films, then you missed a golden opportunity in 1992. Also in the beginning of LucasArts’ computer game soiree, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis offered fans of the huge franchise an opportunity to take place in Indi’s new adventure. This game had it all, including multiple playing formats. You could go through the adventure intimidating and beating up on people for information, use your intelligence (he is a professor, after all), or incorporate the help of a young woman who was once a psychic, but is now a treasure hunter.


You may remember Christopher Lloyd as the classic character Doc Brown from the Back to the Future franchise, but if you were a point-and-click adventure fan in the 90’s, then you may be more familiar with his voice in the classic game Toonstruck. Christopher Lloyd is joined by other actors, such as Tim Curry, to voice over ridiculous adventures and puzzles as you try to match words together to advance through the game. Unfortunately, the translation wasn’t that great in the development of the game for America, and before you knew it, you were involved with such atrocities as evil clowns and cows that were into much more dirtier things than eating grass.

While the list of point-and-click adventures can literally continue for pages, it can be fun to go out and re-play your favorite from a time forgotten about with modern games. Go find a computer with a CD-Rom drive or download your favorite game today!


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