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Dark Scavenger is an adventure game that combines strategic turn-based combat with unique point-and-click mechanics.

Filling the role of a powerful space traveler, you find yourself stranded on a mysterious planet in the company of three eccentric, yet resourceful aliens. As you desperately seek a way to repair your ship, a massive conflict unfolds around you involving warring factions and a sinister force that threatens to destroy them all.

Will you adopt the problems of this world as your own or will you just save yourself?

  • Twisted dark humor and dozens of quirky characters!
  • Multiple ways to approach each new encounter ensures a different experience every playthrough.
  • Forge over one hundred weapons and items from loot discovered on your journey!
  • Epic boss battles and tons of secrets!


“Dark Scavenger features more silliness and oddity than any other game I’ve played this year.” – Adam Smith, Rock Paper Shotgun

“Dark Scavenger takes an iteration of the RPG genre that is generally thought of as obsolete and breathes fresh life into it.” – Kyri Patarou, Strategy Informer

“Dark Scavenger is one of the most genuinely funny, well-written games I’ve ever played and stands side-by-side with titles like Grim Fandango and Monkey Island. It is THAT good.” –IndieStatik

“Dark Scavenger is a dark, funny game that isn’t afraid to use an NPC’s pain for your chuckling gain. With five lengthy chapters and dozens of rooms to explore, this game is sure to keep you occupied for hours, if not days. And with so many possibilities in how you can handle a situation or the many items you can craft, replayability is definitely high.” – Kyh, Jay is Games

“In all, Dark Scavenger is an awesome RPG that deserves multiple playthroughs. The game has an incredible story, hilarious writing and unique characters. Give it a shot- you won’t regret it.” – Blackman’N Robin

“For a game ultimately built around still images, Dark Scavengers is one of the most expressive games we’ve played in along while. Some of the best moments are when the game has the player ‘diving’ and ‘leaping’ about, dodging enemies or helping friends. The stillness of the actual image only goes to show the brilliance of the imagination, achieving, in many ways, more than if the game were a fully rendered 3D experience. This is also helped by the game’s excellent sound and music which, like its art and writing, is both incredibly silly and wonderfully effective. Dark Scavengers achieves not merely a nostalgic reminiscence but a full blown TV-drama-recollection of how computer games, even those lacking animation, can be unbelievably captivating and imaginative.” – Critical Gamer

“If you’re a fan of indie games, RPGs, laughing, and making meaningful decisions, then you should definitely pick this up.” – True PC Gaming

“If refined but old-school mechanics were all Dark Scavenger brought to the table, I would happily recommend it. Throw in some clever, knowing, and genuinely funny writing, and I’d move this game up into ‘must have’ territory.” – Twinfinite

“With visual gags abound in the caricatures, pleasant audio hinting at JRPGS gone by and surreal, charming dialogue brimming with wit, Dark Scavenger is an attractive package for the nostalgic, the adventure-buff and the comedy hound alike.” – Scripted Sequence

“Dark Scavenger is a quirky, offbeat, and delightful twist on RPG adventures” – Gamezebo

“Text-based games live or die by the strength of their writing and Dark Scavenger is no different. Thankfully, a healthy mixture of the clever, the quirky, the mature, and the completely insane make for an entertaining read nearly every time.” – Indie Theory

“If you are in any way interested in games with narrative, you aren’t put off by text (not that it has swathes of passages, it’s succinct) and most importantly, want to be entertained by a game that does just about everything differently from the norm, Dark Scavenger is likely to be just what the space doctor ordered.” Gaming Irresponsibly

“It’s a great game, and one you should definitely look into picking up if you’re a fan of great writing in games, or you’re looking for a unique indie take on adventure rpgs. It’s also incredibly tongue-in-cheek, and I honestly haven’t laughed so hard or for so long from a game in a very long time.” – Brutal Gamer

“The dialogue between the main character and the friends and enemies he meets through the five chapters is absolutely brilliant. The dark humor embedded in the difficult choices faced in every room is some of the best I’ve seen in quite some time.” – That Gamer Hub

“A surprisingly deep and replayable adventure RPG with some cool sci-fi themes, Dark Scavenger by Psydra Games was a really pleasant find! Create a character through your actions instead of just the usual stat sheets, meet lots of interesting NPCs, and shape the types of items and company your character keeps through your decisions – all while unraveling a mysterious over-arching plot! Highly recommended.” – Indie Impressions (Youtube)

“The thing is, this is a game that is intended for players who miss the “good ol’ days” of gaming where description was king and the setting was meant to spur the imagination. If you fit the aforementioned group in any shape or form, then you seriously owe it to yourself to at least download the demo and discover strange world of Dark Scavenger for yourself.” – GamersInfo

“…it’s quite unlike anything else I’ve ever played, and well worth checking out.” – Backlog Journey

“Overall the game is incredibly enjoyable and quite funny all around, I highly recommend this game to anyone that wants to relive old school point and clicks or anyone that wants an amusingly funny game to play to break out of the norm of serious games.” – Calm Down Tom

“I don’t think there really is a whole lot to say about this game besides “Yeah! It’s good, you should definitely play it!”” – Bag of Games

“Dark Scavenger takes the point-and-click adventure to a level that it really needed to be at.” – Geek Preview

“Dark Scavenger by Psydra Games is an incredible gaming experience, with a vast amount of options, and well-written characters and dialogue. Dark Scavenger is one game that should be highly recommended.” – The Indie Mine

“Dark Scavenger’s incredible attention to detail will have you immersed in its deep and heavily cultured world in no time. RPG fans should not miss this amazing game. Definitely not for the faint of heart.” – Game Review Hero


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Awards & Other Links

Honorable Mention at the 2012 Independent Propeller Awards – Indiepub

One of the 10 Best Indie Games at the Rezzed PC and Indie Games show –

One of the Best Indie Games of 2012 – Chip Online (Turkish)

One of the Best Games in July –

Showcase Finalist at the Boston Festival of Indie Games – Boston FIG

System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7, OS X 10.3
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz
  • RAM: 2GB (XP/OS X), 3GB (Vista/7)
  • Native Resolution: 800×600

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