Play station – not just a mere gaming console. It was something more than that to every kid or even an adult who had ever played it. Let us accept the fact that, it consumed hours of time in our daily lives. The happiness and experience that we get have no boundaries and something that cannot be explained in words.

Every person has a different perspective on things. The same applies to games played in PlayStation. Everyone has own favorites.

Here are some of the games that stood out from the rest and will always be something that we cherish.

Smack Down

Everyone who has played Play station would have definitely come across this game. To be able to control some of the favorite wrestling stars was one of the best experiences to have.  And most of all who can forget the pile drivers, chock slams, rock bottoms, and the stunners.

Call of Duty

One of the best games ever made. Not everyone has the opportunity to defend the country on the battlefield. Call of duty is one game that has offered some of the best adventure experiences. It does not just require some gaming abilities. It’s a game that is more of a strategy. Let us admit, the grenades, C4 and the snippers sure had a huge impact on our minds.


There is no in the world out there who would hate this game. Is was and always will be one among the favorites. With the extremely growing fan base for the game this game sure has the lot an of people, playing this on a daily basis. This is one game that consumes most of your time. And the important is that this game has the potential to take rivalry to whole new levels.


GTA- Grand Theft Auto

Even though this game has many versions, none can be singled out. Because of each game exceptional in their own way. This is one game that definitely lets you experience some of the things that you won’t be able to experience in real life. If your desire is to live the ultimate thug life, this is the definitely the game that will let you do it. From shooting people to bombing the buildings, GTA gives the best of it.

NFS- Need for Speed

The one game that took street racing to a whole new level. The reputation that the NFS series commands is something the entire world knows. From driving expensive sports cars to actually equipping them with body kits, this has definitely given the everyone the best experience of the racing world.

For any person especially between the age of 15 and 35, gaming and play station has played a very integral part of our lives. It would have been a waste of time, but it has definitely helped us to ease out and create some everlasting memories.


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